The Stages of Pre Construction Condos Sales

VIP Platinum Sales Event

  • First access to condo units and preferred floors.
  • "Early bird" Pricing & Flexible deposit structure
  • Only those whom have resisted with a VIP Agent of Real Estate have access.

All Broker / Real Estate Agent Access

  • Available to buyers 3-6 weeks following the platinum event
  • Still a good time to buy, prices may have gone up at this time
  • less units available to choose from - some models may have sold out.

Public launch - Sales are open to all

  • Remaining units (if any) are offered for sale to walk-ins and buyers with an agent.
  • Prices have usually gone up by this time compared to all other stages
  • Buyers are left with what remains and choices are limited.

At any stage Agents of Real Estate can help add value to your purchase just as us how. We are always ready and available to answer any questions you may have about purchasing in the pre-construction phase.

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